Why Million Talents ?

  • Massive Database built over years
  • Million Talents Head Hunting Strategy
  • Quality focused
  • Successfully delivered on challenging requisitions for our clients
  • Proven experience in various & unique sourcing techniques
  • Commitment & dedication to close positions on fast track
  • Strong team of Head Hunters
  • Dedicated team of recruiters & Client Account Manager for Clients
  • Professional team of Industry Experts
  • Delivery teams are highly competent and carry extensive collective experience &knowledge
  • Maintain compliance with the client recruitment process
  • Systematic and streamlined methodology of recruitment



Value Added Services

We provide additional-free services for our clients: 

Talent Mapping Reports

  • General research of the industry and employment category.
  • Target market and identification of potential companies and candidates for our clients
  • Long list creation; mapping the market

Salary data

We provide clients with regular consultative advice on market rates and salaries when recruiting specific roles.

Benchmarking surveys

We can conduct confidential benchmarking surveys on behalf of our clients. For example, for a particular multi-national organisation we surveyed past and present employees to help them understand the issues and reasons why people were leaving their organisation. Candidate surveys have been conducted to understand what issues they face and we have shared their responses with our clients. We have also interviewed internal management teams for a number of our clients to benchmark them against the rest of the industry.

Market research

Expertise is in providing qualitative market research and statistics on talents across the industries to our clients.